Tools to Build up Your Side-Hustle! #Cleaning

Y'all.  It is HARD being a mom. For those moms that stay at home with your kiddos to help raise them, I commend you!  Being a mom is the hardest adventure I have ever traveled, but the most magical and rewarding.

As a mom that works full time, I split my time between my full time job, my kiddo and Lulu Wiggles.  The house SUFFERS as does my sanity!

Actual Footage of My Current Reality... Just kidding. 

My house is often WAY worse.

Always looking for ways to simplify, I find ways to reduce my stress.  One of the ways I have reduced my stress is getting a robot vacuum!

We have named him Sharkie.

We got the little guy off of Amazon:). We LOVE him! (If you click any of the Amazon Affiliate links below and buy you some sanity too, I will get some pennies!) We have tile floors and are people who never just stay in doors.  Our doors are constantly revolving for my kiddo and her zillions of friends, and my hubby, who always has something to fix.... and ALWAYS does!  That man amazes me!

Insert image of Superman:)

Seriously though, I kept trying to give up on sweeping because it became a daily 30 minute meditation of frustration.  But, then I couldn't invite my kid's friends over from the embarrassment. My little social-butterfly-only-child needs her friends... NEEDS.... so I had to do something.  

This little robot vacuum has made a wonderful difference in all of our lives.  You have to know, he is worth it.  I run him 2-3 times a week and he always gets full.  I am thinking my sweeping was barely scratching the surface of what was really down there in the first place.  Sharkie makes out home sparkle... happy sigh...


Then, I run this guy a couple of times per week:

 I just use a little glass squirt bottle to spray the floor.

 I make my own cleaner!  I am a BIG fan of doTERRA essential oils and their products!

Get a wholesale membership and the OnGuard cleaner by clicking the bottle of OnGuard!


If you are new to essential oils, you can click below to get to the DoTERRA Essential Oil Official Youtube channel:) 

If you want to watch me talk about a little more doTERRA mom sanity magic, watch my channel and subscribe!  You will be notified as I release more videos!

Next up in the future is maybe a Robot lawnmower!  It takes us about 6 hours per weekend to mow and weed eat, and blow the grass from the driveway and sidewalk.  We live in the south, where it is HOT and is rains a lot.  So, if I you were grass, I would recommend you move here!

But, I am not grass and that is sooooo much of my weekend! The insanity!

Does anybody out there use a robot lawnmower?  If so, what are your thoughts?  Should we invest in this?  I could use a bit more sanity here!


Lulu's Mom

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