Leadership and Character Development for Kids 5-11!

Leadership and Character Development for Kids 5-11!

Soooo excited!

My daughter and I are going to Playful Mastery this upcoming weekend!  Playful Mastery is a course for 5-11 year olds and their parents by Klemmer & Associates.

Having gone through adult programs: Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, and Heart of the Samurai with this original Brian Klemmer over 15 years ago, this company has changed my life!

We have been doing Playful Mastery with my little girl since 2020.  She was in kindergarten and due to the pandemic, the event was virtual.  You would think that a virtual course could not keep the attention of a 5 year old for 3 days!  But, guess what.  It did and it transformed all of us as a family.

She learned how to "ground and center" and learn how to use her imagination to find "fuzzy bubbles" when she was sad. We learned to "be with" and better communicate together.   We ALL learned how to better deal with our own expectations, emotions, and learned a common language that continues to benefit us as a family. 

This will be our 3rd year!  We are excited.  We have all made and are making friends for life.  Friends that want to make a difference.  Friends that put the intention in the world to make it a better place.  Friends that get a lot done in a short amount of time!

We love our Klemmer & Associates Family!

Fantastic Books by the founder of the company, the late, Brian Klemmer:

If How-To's Were Enough, We Would All Be Skinny, Rich, and Happy

The Compassionate Samurai: Being Extraordinary in an Ordinary World

Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time


And his taughter, Krystal Zelmer has taken the reigns of the company after his passing and has continued his legacy. Here is her latest book!


Do you want to learn more about this amazing company, visit their website by clicking the image below!Klemmer and Associates Leadership & Character Development


Have you been introduced to Klemmer and Associates?  What do you want to know???


Lulu's Mom

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